Glazed Petal Earrings

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Color Blue
Style A (Short)
Material Gold earrings
Glazed Petal Asymmetric Earring

This pair of asymmetrical petal earrings come in two styles. The short one has four petals, a white flower and some sparkly beads. It is so cute! The longer one has five petals. It looks elegant and special. They are really lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear. Look fancy without too much effort.

Available in GOLD and Silver finish!

M A T E R I A L S • A N D • S I Z E

Short one :
- Length: 50mm
- Width: 20mm

Long one:
- Length: 100mm
- Width: 20mm

- Gold /Silver Ear Wires :925 Sterling Silver
(Sterling silver - Works for many people with mild to moderate sensitivities)

- Gold/Silver Clip - On
P L E A S E • N O T E

No two pieces of jewelries are exactly alike, due to their handmade nature, which makes it more unique!