Fruit And Flower Bag/Key Charms

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Color White

Summer Fruit and Flower Bag/Key Charms

This set features charming blue apples, purple pineapples, green flowers, pink pineapples, and white lily of the valley charms. These bag/key charms are not only visually appealing but also incredibly lightweight due to the use of acrylic beads. They add a playful and colorful touch to your bags, backpacks, or keys, making them perfect for showcasing your love for summer and nature.

The combination of different fruits and flowers in this set adds a lively and cheerful vibe to your accessories. Whether you're heading to the beach, going on a summer adventure, or simply want to add a pop of color to your everyday style, our Summer Fruit and Flower Bag/Key Charms are theperfect companions.

M A T E R I A L S • A N D • S I Z E

- Length: 140mm
- Width: 35mm

Available in Gold Finish!