Real Flower Resin Stud Earrings

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These flower candy stud earrings feature real pressed flowers. They are very light weight! Great gift for nature lovers.
Available in GOLD and SILVER finish! 

M A T E R I A L S • A N D • S I Z E

White - Daisy
Pink - Dianthus
Purple - Pansy
Green - Fern

- Length: 16mm
- Width: 14mm

- Gold/silver stud earrings: 925 Sterling Silver
(Sterling silver - Works for many people with mild to moderate sensitivities)

- Gold/silver clip-on
M E A N I N G • S Y M B O L I S M

White - Daisy
Daisy flower meaning includes new beginnings, hope, innocence, fun, affection, and other sweet attributes.

Pink - Dianthus
The name Dianthus is derived from the Greek words “dios” (meaning god) and “anthos” (meaning flower). ... Dianthus is typically used to symbolize feelings of boldness, love, affection, gratitude and admiration.

Purple - Pansy
Most often, pansies are used to symbolize loving feelings. You can give a pansy flower to just about anyone whom you hold dear to your heart. The ideal gift for a mother, partner, or friend. Violet pansies mean passion.

Green- Fern Leaf
The fern symbolizes eternal youth. According to Victorians, the fern symbolizes humility and sincerity.

P L E A S E • N O T E

No two pieces of jewelries are exactly alike, due to their handmade nature, which makes it more unique!