Resin Spring Flower Long Earrings

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Color Purple

Introducing our exquisite new Resin Daisy Long Earrings – a blend of nature's beauty and artistic craftsmanship.

🌼 Daisy-Inspired Artistry: These earrings are a true work of art. We've carefully blended white daisies, purple sage, gold leaf, and natural pearls into a delicate resin, creating a stone-like appearance that captures the essence of nature's charm.

💜 Purple Pearls and Crystals: To complement the daisy-inspired resin, we've adorned these earrings with exquisite purple pearls and crystals. Their subtle sparkle and rich hues add an elegant touch to your look.

🌿 Elegance Redefined: Whether it's a special occasion or a casual outing, our Resin Daisy Long Earrings redefine elegance. They're designed to make a statement, showcasing your unique style and appreciation for nature.

Discover the beauty of these earrings and adorn yourself with a touch of natural elegance. Elevate your style with the Resin Daisy Long Earrings – where artistry meets nature's grace. Order yours now! 🌼💜✨

M A T E R I A L S • A N D • S I Z E

- Length: 80mm
- Width: 10mm

Earrings: 925 Sterling Silver
(Sterling silver - Works for many people with mild to moderate sensitivities)